7 Tips For Selling a Vehicle Private Sale

7 Tips For Selling a Vehicle Private Sale

Selling your vehicle is much easier when the seven tips below are used in the process of that private sale. It isn’t every day that you sell a car so it is easy to understand why you lack the same expertise as car salesmen who handle such transactions on a daily basis. Rest assured these tips ensure that you’re going in the right direction when it’s time to sell your vehicle.


1- Take Photos

Potential buyers want as much information about the vehicle as possible when reading an advertisement, but none of those details are as important as photographs. Clear photographs of the vehicle show pique the interest of buyers. Take photos of the front, back, and the interior and exterior of the car and place them with your ads.


2- Create an Online Listing

Many people search for vehicles to buy online before anywhere else. Your inclusion on various local and national sites can help advertise the vehicle and create the interest that you need to sell that vehicle quickly. A detailed description of the vehicle along with those photos will create the most consumer interest in your car.


3- Negotiate the Price

When pricing the vehicle, price it a bit higher than what you actually want to make for the sale, giving you some leeway to negotiate the price. Negotiation is important when selling a vehicle. Consumers want to know they’re getting a good deal and you want to pocket the most money for the sale. Everyone wins in this situation.


4- Research Comparable Vehicles

Research similar vehicle makes/models to learn how much they’re selling for in your local area. Blue Book Value is helpful when determining the asking price for the vehicle, though it is important that you are pricing it competitively to others that are currently selling. Everyone wants the best price when buying a vehicle. Give it to them and sell the vehicle quickly!


5- Place Ads Offline

While it is imperative to place ads for your vehicle for sale online, it is important that you reach those offline as well. There are numerous offline sources that can help you spread the word about your vehicle, including message boards at supermarkets, newspapers and local publications, and word-of-mouth. The more that you spread the word about the vehicle, the more awareness you bring. Don’t be shy!


6- Stay Safe

Gather as much information about potential buyers as possible before meeting them in person or allowing them to test drive the vehicle. Always ride with the individual during the test drive. Your gut instinct is oftentimes right, so use it to your advantage when selling a car. If something seems off about the interested buyer, it probably is because something isn’t on the straight and narrow.


7- Be Available for Buyers

A big mistake sellers oftentimes make when selling goods is being unavailable for potential buyers. Once the ad for the vehicle is placed, even if you place only one ad, be ready to answer phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. concerning the vehicle. Do not avoid these calls or otherwise be unavailable as the interested party will quickly tire of the cat-and-mouse game and move on to other vehicles for sale.