Replace Drivers License

In the state of Illinois, you can only get a replacement driver’s license in person. In this article, I’m going to go over the requirements that you must meet in order to receive a replacement […]

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Renew Drivers License

It’s fairly easy to renew a drivers license in the state of Illinois. To further simplify the process, drivers should confirm that the address on file with the Secretary of State’s (SOS) office is up […]

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Reinstate Suspended License

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office reserves the right to suspend a driver’s license for a number of delinquencies. Not all of them are driving-related. What should a driver do when faced with a license […]

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Learners Permit

Information regarding an Illinois Learners Permit may be obtained by going to the website established for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office under the Driver Services webpage. Their website is:   Methodical Progression Illinois […]


Drivers License Change of Address

If you are a licensed driver in the state of Illinois and have recently moved into a new residence, it is mandatory that you update the state of your change of address. In fact, the […]


ID Card

Possessing an identification card is useful–even necessary–for many aspects of life, including voter registration and the purchasing of alcohol, tobacco products, and firearms. While many people, primarily those over the age of 18, use their […]


Drivers License Name Change

If you get married, divorced, or legally change your name for any other reason in Illinois, you must change your name on your identification. You cannot use your drivers license legally if it still portrays […]


Illinois New Drivers License

A new drivers license is required to drive on Illinois roads. Even if you’re visiting temporarily, you still need one to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers. Follow these steps to obtain a […]

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