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Change Vehicle Registration Name

After a legal name change, you must first report the change to the Social Security Administration. This must be done before you can update any of your information with the Illinois DMV. The SSA allows […]

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Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

Moving to a new state means that there are many changes in store. One of them is registering your car with the proper departments and getting state license plates. Just like in other states, register […]


Change Vehicle Registration Address

In Illinois, there are several steps and requirements to changing your vehicle’s registration address. In this article, I will go into great detail about the different steps and requirements and then explain everything you need […]


Illinois New Registration

For many, getting a new car is an exciting milestone. However, new car owners must complete some paperwork before the car is legal to drive. One required task is vehicle registration. In Illinois, there are […]


Replace Car Registration

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Vehicle Registration in Illinois Everyone needs an up to date registration in order to drive their vehicle legally. Yet, this piece of paper can wind up lost, damaged, or stolen […]

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Vehicle Registration Renewal

Car registrations must be renewed annually in Illinois. Going without an up-to-date registration could wind up with negative consequences; so you shouldn’t wait to renew. While the overall procedure for renewing your automotive registration is […]

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