Change Vehicle Registration Address

In Illinois, there are several steps and requirements to changing your vehicle’s registration address. In this article, I will go into great detail about the different steps and requirements and then explain everything you need to know to change your vehicle’s registration address.

How to Change Your Driver’s License/State ID Address

Before you can have your vehicle’s registration address changed, you need to change the address on either your driver’s license or your state ID. For the address on your ID or license to change, you must visit an Illinois SOS office and bring the appropriate documentation. The appropriate form of documentation for changing the address on your driver’s license or ID is any document proving your new residence. Acceptable forms of documentation are a retirement statement, a utility bill, an official electronic statement, a medical claim, a canceled check, a bank statement, a credit report, official mail received from the federal government, an insurance policy, a mortgage statement or an electronic deposit receipt. Once your provide the necessary documentation to the Illinois SOS office, the Illinois SOS office will charge you $5 for an updated driver’s license and a $10 for an updated ID. Your updated driver’s license or ID will then be sent to you within a couple weeks.

How to Change the Registration Address of a Vehicle

Changing the address on your vehicle’s registration is done in several different ways. You can change your vehicle’s registration address by sending the necessary information in the mail, going to your local IL Secretary of State office or visiting the IL Secretary of State Address Change Website. To have your registration address changed by mail, you must write a letter to the Secretary of State Vehicle Processing Division. This letter must include your name, your new address, your old address and you license plate number. Once the letter is sent, you will be charged a $3 fee for your updated registration card and you will get your updated registration card within several weeks. To change the registration address in person, all you have to do is go to your local IL Secretary of State office and they will update your vehicle’s registration. They will charge you a $3 fee and send you your updated vehicle registration within several weeks. To change your registration address online, you must first visit the IL Secretary of State Address Change Website. Once you are on the IL Secretary of State Address Change Website, you need to go to the upgrade your vehicle registration section. Once there, you select what type of address change you want. You can select a verified address change, an address change with renewal or an unverified address change. Once you have selected the desired address change, you must provide either a PIN number, your registration ID information or your vehicle information. You must also provide your new address. Once this information is provided, you are asked to pay a $3 fee and, if paid, your upgraded vehicle registration is sent to you within a few weeks.

The Changing of a Vehicle Registration Address Is Pretty Easy

In this article, I have talked about many different steps and vehicle registration address requirements that you need to change your registration address. I have even discussed the various methods of changing your registration address. Now that all is said and done, hopefully, this article has been informative and hopefully the vehicle registration address changing process is easy for you.