ID Card

Possessing an identification card is useful–even necessary–for many aspects of life, including voter registration and the purchasing of alcohol, tobacco products, and firearms. While many people, primarily those over the age of 18, use their driver’s license as an ID card, there are also many people who cannot legally drive due to disability or have their license revoked or suspected. Likewise, special events, concerts, etc. that a minor might want to attend may require an ID, but does not require the attendant to be an adult, and opening bank accounts or registering for a driver’s permit also requires a form of ID. This article will explain the steps to obtaining an ID card in Illinois.

Necessary documentation

Like most states, general Illinois ID cards are provided by the same offices that provide driver’s license. In this case, that’s an IDS (Illinois Drivers Service) office. Applying for an ID card in IL is a very simple and straightforward process, but there are a few requirements you need to meet, as well as a few documents you’ll need to bring to your local IDS. You’ll need to provide documentation that proves your birth date, your Social Security Number (SSN), your date of birth, and your signature. An acceptable form of proof of your birth date would be a high school transcript, a birth certificate, or a passport. A court order, credit card statement, or driver’s license is acceptable as proof of your signature. Finally, driver’s license or military records, or a Social Security card, are accepted as proof of your Social Security Number. You must also provide proof that you reside in IL, such as bills for utilities or other verified in-state purchases, credit score reports, or a bank statement. It should be noted that none of the provided documents can be photocopies; all documentation must be original.

Eligibility requirements for obtaining a new Illinois ID card

The only requirements the state has for obtaining a new identification card are that you must be a resident of the state, and that you must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN). There are no minimum age requirements to apply for a new identification card.

Identification card fees

Since receiving an identification card does not require registering a vehicle or other property like a driver’s license would, the fees for obtaining an identification card are fairly minimal. In general, you’ll need to provide $20 up front if you are over the age of 18, and $10 if you are under 18. In both cases, this will provide an identification card valid for five years, at which point it will expire and need to be replaced. However, there are several instances in which this fee might be waived, and/or the expiration date may not apply.

If you have a documented medical disability, you may apply for a free identification card by having your doctor fill out a Form DSD X 164. This is an Application for an Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Card.

If you are homeless, you also qualify for a free identification card. This requires that you file a Form DSD A 230 (Homeless Status Certification Form).

Finally, if you are a senior citizen at or over the age of 65, your identification card fee is waived automatically upon authorization of your age, and your card will never expire.

That’s all there is to it. After you apply, meet all the requirements, and pay the fee, you will be sent home with a temporary paper card, and your permanent card will arrive in the mail within one to two weeks.