Illinois New Drivers License

A new drivers license is required to drive on Illinois roads. Even if you’re visiting temporarily, you still need one to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers. Follow these steps to obtain a new drivers license in Illinois.

First-Time Recipients

First-time recipients of a new drivers license include both teenagers and adults. The minimum age to receive a provisional license is 16 years old, and the minimum age for a full license is 18 years old. First-time recipients of any age must pass a series of driving tests that are provided online and in person. The state-approved Graduated Driver License (GDL) program is designed for drivers under the age of 21.

Steps to Obtain a New License

Visit your local Secretary of State facility to complete a series of steps for your new license. Obtain a list of required documents to bring before your arrival. Have documents ready to prove your identity, such as a birth certificate, passport or photo ID. These documents must be original and not photocopied.

You’ll need one document that contains a signature and another one that has your Social Security number printed on it, such as a Social Security Card or credit card statement. The office needs proof of residency, which is any formal document that contains your current address. You’ll need to prove your date of birth using a birth certificate, school transcript or another form.

Before you arrive at the office, pass both the written and practical forms of the driving test. At the office, you have to pass a vision exam with or without corrective lenses. Also, pay the required fees to obtain a new license.

New Residents

New Illinois residents do not need to pass a driving test if they have valid licenses. You cannot obtain a new license if the old one is revoked or suspended or your driving record is marked. Once you receive the license, it’s valid for four years.

Non Residents

Nonresidents can apply for a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License if they are eligible. You are not qualified if you’re able to receive a Social Security number. You are qualified if you can prove your legal presence and plan to stay there temporarily.

Restricted Drivers

A restricted local license is made for drivers who want to drive in restricted parts of towns that have 3,500 or fewer people. Apply for this type of license like you would apply for a regular license. Also, include the routes that you plan to take throughout the town.

Commercial Drivers

The requirements are different to apply for a new commercial driver license (CDL) or motorcycle license (Class M). The licenses are designed for drivers of large trucks or school buses. You’ll have to pass both written and practical exams that are designed for commercial driving.

Applying for a new license is similar but not the same as renewing an old one. You need to pass certain tests if you’re a first-time recipient, but new residents may be eligible to skip the testing. Commercial drivers have additional work to do. Know what is required to obtain a new license in this state.