Reinstate Suspended License

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office reserves the right to suspend a driver’s license for a number of delinquencies. Not all of them are driving-related. What should a driver do when faced with a license suspension? The first step is to confirm that the Secretary of State has the correct mailing address on file. If necessary, address changes can be completed online or in person at any Secretary of State facility. Any correspondence related to the suspension, including initial notification of the suspension, will automatically be mailed to the address on record for the driver. The most important step to reinstate a suspended license is to find out why the suspension has occurred.

A driver’s license may be suspended if the license holder has 10 or more unsatisfied parking violations, 5 or more toll violations/evasions, or 5 or more unsatisfied Automated Traffic Violations. The Toll Highway Authority or the interested municipality requests the suspension. The licensee must resolve the parking, toll, or traffic violations, and pay a $70 reinstatement fee to the Secretary of State’s office. The municipality that requested the suspension must also issue a Final Disposition to the Secretary of State’s office to release the suspension.

If a driver fails to respond to a traffic citation, a Failure to Appear suspension is requested by the Circuit Clerk. The Department of Human and Family Service (DHFS) can also request a license be suspended for unpaid child support in accordance with the Deadbeats Don’t Drive rule. Each of these violations requires the requesting agency issue written proof that the infractions have been resolved, in addition to a $70 reinstatement fee paid to the Illinois Secretary of State.

Uninsured motorists can be suspended for violating the Safety and Financial Responsibility Law if involved in an accident without coverage. The reinstatement for a Safety Responsibility suspension is $70. If Illinois Vehicle Services determines a vehicle is uninsured, either by random questionnaire or through police contact, the state will suspend the vehicle’s plates and issue a Mandatory Insurance suspension to the owner’s license. This type of suspension comes with a $100 reinstatement fee.

In the event of a DUI, the driver must fulfill the court recommendations to become eligible for reinstatement. The reinstatement fee for a first time DUI related, implied consent, or field sobriety offense, is $250. Each additional offense requires a $500 reinstatement fee. Revoked licenses also require a $500 reinstatement fee.

The essential requirements for reinstating a suspended license in Illinois are to resolve the reason for the suspension by satisfying any fines or other requirements set forth by the agency that initiated the request and pay the appropriate reinstatement fee. In order for driver’s to be eligible for reinstatement, the reporting agency must notify the Secretary of State’s office that the delinquencies have been rectified. Fees can be paid on the Secretary of State’s Reinstatement page. If there are circumstances that prevent a reinstatement fee from being processed online, drivers are directed to refer to any written correspondence for further instruction and telephone the office with any questions. The driver’s license number and a valid Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover card is required to process online reinstatement payments. It is important to note that paying a reinstatement fee does not necessarily reinstate a license. The driver must also satisfy any agency that issued the suspension on his license.