Vehicle Registration Renewal

Car registrations must be renewed annually in Illinois. Going without an up-to-date registration could wind up with negative consequences; so you shouldn’t wait to renew. While the overall procedure for renewing your automotive registration is fairly easy, you might have questions or not know where to go. Continue reading this article if you are looking to learn how to get your vehicle registration renewed in IL.


When The Vehicle Registration Renewal Process Begins

In 2015, Illinois stopped sending out vehicle registration renewal notifications, though some counties have continued with paper mail reminders. To continue receiving notifications, you have to sign up for email alerts on the SOS website. While you might have already done this as a resident, anyone new to the state should subscribe to the e-notice service for convenience.

If you have not received any reminder, be sure to check your registration for the expiration date. Remember: Automobile registrations in Illinois must be completed yearly. You do not want to be late.


Renewing Registrations Online

Using the online services provided by the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) is the easiest way to get through the renewal process. You will need the following:

  • Valid email
  • A registration ID and PIN number – found on a renewal notice. If you don’t know your PIN or ID, you can always call IL Public Inquiry Division toll-free at 800-252-8980 to retrieve it
  • Proof of auto insurance – policy number and expiration date
  • Way to pay applicable fees


Be sure to print out the confirmation receipt, because it will show the date you renewed your registration. Keep it with you just in case your current registration card expires while you wait for the replacement. The receipt expires after 30 days of your validated renewal.

You will be able to renew if the information about your vehicle on file is incorrect, if your new sticker is being sent to another state, if you want to change your plate number, or if you are on in the Benefit Access program.


Renewing Registrations By Mail

You can receive renewed registration stickers by mail, but the anticipated wait time is much longer when compared to online or in-person applications. Should you desire to mail in the payment for your vehicle registration renewal, you can do so by sending a check or money order to the address below:


IL Secretary of State

Vehicle Services Department

501 South 2nd Street, Room 011

Springfield, IL 62756


You will also need to send copies of your driver’s license, current registration card, and information about your current address and license plate number. This can be sent in letter form.


Renewing Registrations In Person

The quickest method to renewing your auto registration is going to your local SOS office in person with your renewal notice (either mailed to you or printed out) in hand and a way to pay the renewal fee.

You may need to provide proof of identification and insurance.


IL Registration Renewal Fees

The IL SOS charges fees for renewal based on vehicle type (model, weight), your license type, and whether new license plates are needed. However, the standard fees for registration renewal are:

  • Passenger vehicles and trucks: $101
  • Motorcycles: $41
  • License plate stickers: $20
  • Online transaction convenience charge: 2.35% added to total cost.


Should you have any questions about your eligibility to use the online services, or if you have yet to receive your renewal notice, contact your local SOS facility by phone or in person immediately.